Campobello was not damaged by the Northern California fires. We are participating in helping those who have lost their homes, jobs and family members in the disasters which have decimated Sonoma County. We can immediately help those who need recovery from addictions giving them the freedom to rebuild their lives and futures.

In 1935 three men came together with an idea of how they could treat the disease of alcoholism. To this day the program they designed, known as “Alcoholics Anonymous”,  has had the best success rate overall in treating  the disease of alcoholism. This program has expanded worldwide using the principles of  AA and The 12-Steps. Which include: surrender, honesty, humility, and acceptance, just to name a few, have proved to be the solution to our mental obsession and our spiritual malady.


It is the intention of Campobello to provide exceptional care to all who choose to start a proven successful path to their best self and well being.

Our staff is fully committed to meeting you where you are on your journey. Each having their own experience in the healing process, they know the value of holding space for you to start and continue your healing and recovery process

Our Commitment to you, to each other and ourselves is to maintain Respect-Integrity-Accountability-Honesty and Excellence.


 It is the philosophy of Campobello that addiction does not discriminate. It is a deadly disease that affects people from all walks of life. For all individuals who struggle with the disease of alcoholism or drug addiction, there is no such thing as one drink or one hit. We have lost the ability to control our using. It is of the utmost importance after discharging, that clients continue to work on their recovery if the wish to remain clean and sober. As you would with any long-term debilitating disease you need the medicine required to heal and stay healthy. We believe that using the 12-step program after discharge is the best medicine that you can use to continue on in your recovery and the most productive way to achieve long term sobriety.

 There are many options to choose from when creating your aftercare program, based on your personal needs. Our experienced case managers will guide you in this process and be available for continuing direction.

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